Chaco Canyon

History is something you can tell but not hear. You can tell it for generations after generations, however, you can’t tell it. You need to carry your history. Their history, I would say. It’s a history they knew and kept for years and years. It’s a history you need to find out. You need to step where the history took place so to carry the history. I can tell you what I saw but I don’t want you to hear it. I want you to see what I saw. I learned a lot in Chaco Canyon. I carried that history. I stepped in that history.

Christa Niyeze

Southwest blog photos

Cam starts the fire with only a few strikes to the ferro rod. We don’t eat until the fire is made, as all our meals are cooked over the fire.

We spent a morning wandering deep into the “Fiery Furnace” in the the Arches National Park.

Our fearless Leader Eric scrambling the cliff to the set the top rope for rock climbing.

Christa climbs to new heights!

All of the students climbed and many of them made it all the way to the top.

Cooling off the Colorado. Nathan wins the award for most time spent in the river. Wandering way up to float back down.

Day 5 5/20

The start of a new day in the southwest, hot, but not humid. To start the day we went rock climbing on wall street utah. It was a lot a fun and challenged our entire group. We were also joined by Will, a friend of Erik’s who helped us learn about climbing and helped Erik belay. Afterwards we went to swim in the colorado just off our camp site. At night we were greeted by a lightly cloudy sky that obscured the moon just enough that it still shone brightly.


SW Trip Day 2

May 17, Day 2. What a day. There was lots of road. Nothing but road and flat lands as far as the eye could see. It was beautiful and the air was hot and dry. There were lots of good photo opportunities and I took every single one of them. The first part of the day we stopped at the geographic center point of all 50 states of the US. Later, after about 9 hours of continuous and endless driving we finally made it to our campground… or so we thought. It was a place up high in the mountains where there was lots of moose that we fortunately got to see. However it was really cold and it was not a place I was excited to stay at. At our so called campground, we were happy to finally be at our destination. We started unloading all of our gear and the park host came out to tell us that we couldn’t stay the night there. So one of our group leaders Callie knew someone who lived in Salt Lake City. So we went and crashed at his place for the night. About 20 minutes from we were at at the time. He was a nice guy and was full of energy, I was so grateful and we all thanked him immensely. Now I’m ready for another adventure.


SW Blog #1

May 16th.
Day one.
Driving, driving, and more driving. Costco, Trader Joe’s, and bathrooms along the way. Lunch at a tiny round table in the heat of nowhere. A haunted hotel full of bronze statues, stuffed grizzlies, old portraits, creaking floors, dark hallways painted green, and hundreds of nesting birds. All next to a 208 degree lake. Driving again. Car naps and car books. First camp. Catherine Creek State Park, Oregon. P
A fast burbling river, flat grass spaces, a picnic table, a fire pit, a pasture of bellowing cows across the road. A quiet evening. Morning of hot chocolate, logging trucks, and waiting for an upright and awake group. On to day two!!!
-Cameron Sinclair