SW Trip Day 2

May 17, Day 2. What a day. There was lots of road. Nothing but road and flat lands as far as the eye could see. It was beautiful and the air was hot and dry. There were lots of good photo opportunities and I took every single one of them. The first part of the day we stopped at the geographic center point of all 50 states of the US. Later, after about 9 hours of continuous and endless driving we finally made it to our campground… or so we thought. It was a place up high in the mountains where there was lots of moose that we fortunately got to see. However it was really cold and it was not a place I was excited to stay at. At our so called campground, we were happy to finally be at our destination. We started unloading all of our gear and the park host came out to tell us that we couldn’t stay the night there. So one of our group leaders Callie knew someone who lived in Salt Lake City. So we went and crashed at his place for the night. About 20 minutes from we were at at the time. He was a nice guy and was full of energy, I was so grateful and we all thanked him immensely. Now I’m ready for another adventure.


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